Solo Trip to Hawaii 2017 – Part 2 – My Birthday!

I know everyone would like an update since I’ve gone Rogue. I’ve been trying to limit technology, so I will try and be quick.

Here is a video of the treehouse im staying in:

Day 1
Utter and absolutely overwhelm as I woke up to see the jungle for the first time in my entire life. It had been night time when I arrived here so I didn’t get to see much. There aren’t any words to describe the beauty. The entire day proved over and over again, that It was without a doubt, it is a portal. A portal to heaven. There is no place or thing that could ever be feel or look as beautiful to me. This place is very powerful. It is a force that pulls you in. It is a place that cannot be described with words, but can only be felt from the heart. It is transformative. It’s astounding to be aligned with the energy of this place and the feeling like you are coming home to your tribe. It’s like you’ve been an alien your whole life and there were other aliens out there too this entire time, just waiting in this space, accumulating since 1970 and each year growing to date. However, If you are not the hippy/rustic/wanna get down with nature type though, this place definitely isn’t for you.

On my way to breakfast (which is sounded by a conch) I had the crap scared out of me by something round and black. I thought it was a bear rustling in the bushes (typical Canadian) but there are no bears here. To my surprise it was a wild boar with its baby. I had several more of these encounters throughout the day, not one which startled me any less. That will take a while to get used to. I also met some wild kitties along the way and a ton of mongoose. Mongoose are like a squirell/gopher and super cute but destructive apparently. One of the volunteers has a pet mongoose that she found paralyzed 4 years ago. She took him home and cared for him ever since. Its pretty incredible to see a wild animal be so trusting of a human as it had no other choice but to be vulnerable to a human since it could not walk but only could crawl. He loves to be petted and get his belly scratched but he is not fond of men. It is illegal to have a pet mongoose or to even to have a vet treat a pet mongoose as they are so overpopulated. And Ill have to say, I am having a hard time adapting to the 5-10 Gecko’s in my bedroom. I didn’t ask to have roomates. Especially not that type. This is another thing I will need to get over.

I had a Lomi Lomi massage today and immediately made my first friend at breakfast and we had a good chat for several hours. Then again several others throughout the day. Every time a conversation or event ended, a new one intercepted. It was connection after connection. Making new friends, and having more deep and meaningful conversations with beautiful souls. The conversations that I have had today have been eye opening and life changing on a personal level.

I also got to have some mind blowing stories of how people got here. Everyones story is so unique and inspiring. Many of these people have done the same thing that I have done. Most have gone even 10 steps bigger than I. Majority of these people came here 5-25 years ago as a guest and ended up staying and volunteering and never returning home. Some of the others have been travelling around the world for years at all time gaining wisdom, experience and spiritual insight.

Day 2
This morning I woke up in my tree house at 6:30 am and it was a lot cooler than it had been when I went to sleep. It rained last night and so the rain came through my screen walls a little and dampened the floor. I put on my bathing suit and dress and made my way to the breakfast hut. I had peaches and cream oats, papaya and scrambled eggs and toast. I had breakfast with a lovely girl named Marian, who is from British Columbia. We chatted for quite some time and then Franny (a lovely volunteer) offered to take me to town to explore. We were to take Julia (another sweet volunteer) to the hospital first as she broke her arm in a freak kitchen accident trying to break someone’s fall. The poor thing. After we dropped her off, Franny took me to target for a hat and Safeway for some sandwiches and a 6 pack of beer of Hawaiian beer. Yes, you hear dme right, they have liquor at safeway. They carry booze in all of their liquor stores which was really unusual but convenient. From there she took me to the waterfalls which was absolutely stunning. It is mesmerizing how there is so much beauty in the world that I haven’t even scratched the surface of. From the falls we made our way to a beach.

The universe really outdid itself today. This morning when I woke up, I pre-thanked it for providing me with a beautiful day filled with Magic and Beauty. The universe did not fall short on its response to my request. After we ate our sandwiches and had a drink we went down in the water. Low and behold A GIANT TURTLE swam up to us and decided to hang out for a few hours. For some reason it was not afraid of us at all. It even went so far as to graze against our bellies and legs. This was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I was incredibly overwhelmed with awe of this magnificent giant creature. I couldn’t help but wonder how old he/she was and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, even if you tried. I am incredibly grateful for that once in a lifetime experience.

This evening, I played in the pool again, then showered, went for supper with some lovely people from BC and then I took some Hula dance lessons. I am now exhausted from lots of walking today and writing these snippets from my journal from my bed. Tomorrow is an exciting day. It is my 27th birthday and something called Saturn return. The day when Saturn will return to the very same place around the sun as It would have been on the very day that I first came out of the womb. 

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