Leo Full Moon Journaling Questions

Last night’s intensified but supportive energies of the Full Moon offer a great chance for some self-reflection. Here are some questions based the questions I have asked myself and others throughout the month of January:
1. What feels out of control in your life?
2. What are you controlling too much and need to loosen your grip on?
3. Where have you been sacrificing and neglecting yourself to please others?
4. Can you find more of a balance between your own needs and the needs of others so that this will help all of your relationships in the end?
5. Are you enabling someone and robbing them of the necessarily life experiences that are required for them to learn their own lessons and develop their own tools and realizations and summon their own power to take control of their own life and grow?
6. Are you being impatient thus sabotaging or blocking your blessings from coming your way?
7. Where is pride in showing up in your life? Have you been too rash or too harsh?
8. Have you been overly critical? Are any apologies needed?
9. What do you love about your life?10. What do you not love about your life?
11. Have you given up or are you pushing for your happy ending in life?
12. Do you have any fun? Joy? Peace? 13. Do you take good care of your self? What are you putting into your body? are you getting enough sleep? rest? care? love? rejuvenation?
14. Is your thinking more negative then positive?
15. Do you have anything good to say about life or others?
16. Are there areas where you are playing the victim in life? Are you blaming others for all of your problems or can you take responsibility for how every thought, emotion, action (or lack of action) shapes you, your prosperity, your health, your relationships and all of your life experiences?17. What are you procrastinating on?
18. When’s the last time you decluttered your home… and your mind?
19. Can you write down your feelings and experiences and let them out?
20. Where are you holding onto resentment? Who do you need to forgive? 21. What do you need to forgive yourself for?
22. If you really want things to change then what are your SOLUTIONS?
23. Haven’t you suffered long enough. Isn’t it time to let go of the past and move on?
24. The person you look at in the mirror? Is this the person you set out to be? Do you like this version of yourself?
25. Where are you staying stagnant?
26. Is there someone that is important to you and that you love so much but that you forget to tell? How can you show it?
27. When’s the last time you did something good or kind for someone else?28. What type of energy and which version of yourself are you bringing into your interactions with others. Can you give better quality?
29. Are you concerned so much with what you expect others to bring to the table without even being honest about what are you even bringing to the table? Are your expectations equal to your own actions?
30. When’s the last time you got really quiet and listened to what was in your heart?
31. How can you bring your creative talents and passion projects to life?
32. Are you worrying and forecasting and making up scenarios in your mind too much? Worrying too much attracts more things to worry about.
33. When’s the last time you were grateful for anything?
34. Have you been letting your pride become an obstacle?
35. Are you operating from your ego or your heart?
36. Have you hardened too much to emotion, life, people? How can you become softer?
37. Have you ever spent an entire day finding and focusing on everything that is good?
38. Have you ever written a list about what you love about yourself? What do you love about yourself?
39. Have you ever healed your past?
40. Is your life magic or mundane?

How each soul plays a role in the winding road of life

I often think about this. A lot of work goes in energetically in terms of divine intervention; in order to weave in the necessary series of souls that are supposed to come in and out of the winding road of your life. Whether their role was good, bad, or a bit of both…there should be so much gratitude and eternal love for their position once held in your life, for it helped mould you into this person you are today. Every player is no coincidence and has a great deal of significance. Your lovers, your enemies, your family, friends, strangers, coworkers, neighbors and even animals. Sometimes it’s the “random” person in your store with whom you exchanged deep words of wisdom, that somehow completely altered the course of events in one or both of your lives. Or perhaps it’s at your appointment with the chiropractor where you exchanged necessary information learned on your path that was the missing piece to the puzzle they’ve been waiting for. You happened to come at what may seem the “perfect coincidence” for them but in reality it’s been divinely orchestrated because you both were ready and in alignment within the web that keeps us all interconnected. Even if their role was really short lived, they still had an important impact and you’ll never be the same. Their essence became part of your essence. They are forever a part of you and your integration. Sometimes you cross a path with a person one day who gives you all of the answers, wisdom, support or nurturing that you need. They may give you some type of key to something you’ve been incessantly searching for. Do not dismiss those who play a short or minor role. Sometimes it’s years later that a meeting makes sense. Strangers too, if you are open, can change your life. There have been perfect strangers who owed me nothing in my life who have taken me in, rescued, supported, lifted me up, gave me a break or have given me the biggest gifts of my life and who have forever changed my existence… just for showing up on their door step. I also had a school teacher I owe everything to who saved my entire young adult life and continues to be an integral part of my life. On the other hand, sometimes in life people can appear to be your enemies. But they are not. This is merely an illusion. They are your best teachers, triggering core wounds that are deeply embedded within you that are crying out to be resolved through your outer circumstances and through the actions of others. Hopefully you learned from the experience and took the wisdom forward into new relationships. Deciding not to fill your heart with the darkness of unforgiveness and hatred. Rather, Instead as time passes, learning to love them for the lessons they imbue. For the clarity they gave you. So let me repeat that there are billions of people in the world. But somehow those few amounts of people ended up in YOUR reality. On your path….Why?Covid may have completely rewired your life story and put you into a completely different, but beautiful reality with a better version of yourself, with many new characters in your life “movie” (Which has absolutely been my case). I live in a new town/environment, my business model has shifted entirely, I went from 28 staff I loved to pieces down to 5, since everyone’s lives shifted. I have vibrated completely out of alignment with relationships that I was more than ready to let go of but also some that I once held onto for dear life and loved with all my heart. It happened because I let go of control. Because I followed my heart instead of my brain. I surrendered to my souls path and to my highest good, my highest timeline and I have faith and trust in every single unfolding moment. I stay in love with the mystery and magic of what God (universe, source, whatever you want to call it) is up to and orchestrating in my life. There are no Coincidences to the players in your game. So it always makes me think. What are the chances that out of a billion people, these are the people who are still playing a role in my life right now, despite everything. What are they here to teach me, support or serve in my life (good or bad) and vice Versa in the interim? Although nothing feels real or normal and the illusions of used to be or could have been have floated away on a cloud that I will never see again…what’s left over is fresh eyes, an open heart and a new beginning. Rich and fertile soil full of nutrients from everything that just burned and crumbled away ready to plant new seeds to create a whole new reality for myself. The one I always knew I deserved and was more than capable of but I had to let go of what held me back. The one where I don’t settle for anything less than beauty and purely loving experiences. The one where I completely and utterly show up as myself.What a beautiful thing it can be to completely rewrite your story from the beginning again.Re-writing it with no fear whatsoever and nothing to lose. So I ask you, what do you choose to write in this co-creation with the universe?