Moon Circle Gatherings


Together as peaceful warriors we will rise by the light and harness the potent energy under the illumination of Full Moon.

This full moon circle offers support for awakening, healing and living your deepest truth. It is a beautiful, calming, sacred, safe, loving, nurturing, supportive sanctuary that encourages all to open up, discuss their fears, personal struggles, and more. This moon circle creates a space for you to share and relate, which feeds our basic human desire. The loving support we receive from each other encourages each of us to stand in our Divine light and live our highest potential.

During this full moon ceremony we will have the opportunity to look at what is fully illuminated in our lives, release all that no longer serves us such as: the past / old identities / old emotional pain / behaviors / outdated beliefs / attitudes / relationships / frames of mind / situations. This can often mean that around the Full Moon, it’s great to focus on the role of forgiveness (not only of ourselves but of others), letting go of anger and resentment so we can truly come into alignment with our Higher Self and as such will be incorporating Ho’oponopono practices to assist with this release.

Together we call upon all that we hold most sacred, the presence and power of the Great Spirit of love and truth which flows through all the universe, to be with us to Teach us, and show us the way.

Through a releasing meditation/ceremony we will evoke the practice of detachment & letting go of the suffering and old stories that are keeping you stuck and standing in the way of you moving forward onto your highest path.  Through transcending we become free to move forward on our journey and lead a remarkable life full of boundless authentic & heartfelt experiences. We will take you deeply into yourself where you can settle into your soul and bloom into what is true.

In our circle you can also expect activities including but not limited to releasing rituals, energy clearing, fire release ceremony, grounding, smudging, guided meditations, healing energy and chakra balancing, journaling, workbook questions, reflection activities, gratitude, mantras/affirmations, mudras, herbal tea, relaxation.


New Moons represent beginning. During this time we have heightened access to our intuition, guides and ancestors, making it ideal to plant seeds and set intentions for our goals for the month ahead. They’re an opportunity to take ownership for what we want to manifest and to commit to the actions, thoughts and behaviors required to get us there.

As humans we have a magnificent ability to heal one another simply by paying witness; by listening to As humans we have a magnificent ability to heal one another simply by paying witness; by listening to each other with an open, accepting heart. It’s nothing less than magic. There is something so powerful that is evoked when we come together and share. It connects you to the truth of oneness and mirrors back to you that there’s a part of ourselves in every other being on this earth. When we share like-hearted sacred space we magnify the power of the intentions we set and we energetically create a web of support for each others journey but also with people everywhere; past, present and future.

In our circles you can expect heart centred rituals including but not limited to: sharing, setting intentions, grounding, breath-work, energy clearing, guided meditations, healing energy and chakra balancing, ancestral work, journaling, ho’oponopono, workbook questions, reflection activities, gratitude, mantras/affirmations, mudras, herbal tea and more. To close our circle, you will be guided through a manifesting meditation where we will generate an abundance of energy to fully manifest those dreams and bring love and blessings to all.

Our circle is a space you can grow with and into should you decide to stay with us a while. We have a circle each new moon and full moon. These circles are designed so that you can hopefully attend all of them, as we will be building on each previous circle.