When life slaps you upside the head, its time to make a change

As a child you could not hide your secrets from me. Some adults were open, nurturing and receptive to me and some forced me to stay quiet, close my throat chakra and not allow me to be who I was or express any opinion or emotion. I always had the gift and innate ability to see struggles and where people were stuck and what they needed to change. I knew with 100% accuracy if they were lying or telling the truth, if they were authentic, if they were a good or bad person (came from the light or darkness), what needed to be healed inside them and if their emotions were matching their body language – but given my innocence it was not very often that people would listen to advice coming from a child who (at their level of awareness and perception) – had no life experience.

Fast forward and here I am stomping on all of that, allowing myself to re-emerge from the dust, knowing that this is part of my purpose. It is clear that since I opened the yoga studio, my abilities have grown exponentially. Through the course of 14 months,  this meant becoming hyper aware of what is going on with all of our brothers and sisters of the planet. You start to see patterns. You start to realize that you hold the torch to end some of the suffering of others and you would be doing a disservice if you did not share the messages you receive.


The full moon is here… Libra season begins and hello equinox. There is perfect contrast right now with equal light + equal darkness which equals = balance.

This balance may take some getting used to. There is a lot of tension running side by side with motivation which means you are contrasted many times throughout the day. This can be a little strange at first as you experience many polar opposites within only 24 short hours at a time. Examples of polarities that may be coming up for you are: sick/healthy, fear/safety, sorrow/joy, wealth/poverty, failure/success etc. You may experience one theme or several at once and it can be dramatic and confusing when facing two ends of a spectrum in one day. Be gentle with yourself during this time of integration.

You may think shit is hitting the fan for you, but it’s really an illusion. Behind the scenes, it’s actually falling together. But first, it is asking you to go where you’ve never really been in order to create a beautiful new chapter for your life. You have to put in the physical effort. You have to work on yourself and stay positive. Don’t give up.

Here are some things that are coming up as a collective that we must look at:

Healing your buried emotions:
Energy is really increased right now and there are a lot of symptoms arising. This means our emotions are running at an all time high. We are being called into the depths of our murkiest emotions that we weren’t even aware were there. You might find yourself crying more this week than you have all year. Whatever you are holding onto, the universe is forcing you to let go of it. Note that: feelings buried alive never die. This should be motivation enough.  Crying is healthy on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level. To help sort through what’s happening, put your thoughts and feelings to words by journaling. Sit in your shit. It is uncomfortable and scary, but you need to dive into the nasty memories and emotions that come up. Face the beasts and let them teach you where to go. If you can be brave and vulnerable and sit through this pain right now, know you will be rewarded because once you face the painful things, they can no longer hold control over you anymore and you become free as they are released once and for all. If you don’t deal with it, best case scenario = you will only be perpetuating a pain cycle where these unresolved emotions will continue to play out in your life and create more of what you don’t want. Worst case scenario = emotions like anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, resentment, jealousy, depression, and stress can manifest within the body and contribute to imbalance and disease such as cancer. So LET IT ALL GO. Let yourself be vulnerable and cry like a big old baby.  When you cry, not only do you feel relief, but each tear lets go of so much of the pain, sadness, hurt and trauma from the past that you have been holding in your heart for years.  This allows you to heal because it cleanses your energy and releases whatever is weighing you down. Your future is determined by your willingness to let go. Until you let go, there’s no space to write the next chapter of your life.

Past memories and old habits and cycles are bubbling to the surface:
You may have also noticed old patterns that have been coming up. You are growing out of an old phase in your life, so the old comfortable stuff that doesn’t fit who you are becoming is starting to come up so that you can start to look at it in a new light and see it for what it is and let it go. When looking at the past, old grudges, unfinished business, unforgiveness and your own doubts and insecurities from your childhood will start to bubble up to the surface. Let them. Write letters to those who wronged you and burn them. See you parents for who they were: humans that were doing the best they could with the awareness they had. Look back in time and try to deconstruct what they were taught by their life, society and their parents and why they behaved like they did. In this process,  It’s easier to see the wounds that cause people to act as they do. Soften your hard edges and find forgiveness where there was resentment before. Forgiveness is liberating. Elevate, heal, clear. Stop being afraid to move on. Close that chapter of hurt and never re-read it again. Move on from the things that don’t deserve you.

Your old ways of being are only creating pain for yourself. When we chose to hold on instead of letting go, we just continue with same sabotaging cycles. It is all an illusion that stems from fear. You need to look at it like you have several pairs of sunglasses and the ones you have been wearing were worn, dark and smudgey. So can you put on the new clear lenses with less hurt and start to look out into the world with a new, different and better lense?

Relationships are ending:
This can be friendships, romantic relationships, business relationships or family ties – they may end naturally or by way of a fight – but DON’T PANIC. These are blessings in disguise. Let them leave. The dynamics/energy/vibrations of the people and relationships that are ending, no longer fit who you are or who you are becoming.This means you are growing and growing only hurts temporarily.

There are 3 reasons people come into our lives:
1. For a reason;
2. For a season; and
3. For a lifetime.

So stop forcing or resisting and surrender. Come to terms with where these people fit on this scale. When we start to change and grow, we naturally repel others who are not on the same vibrational level as us or we ourselves will start to feel that old friends and activities no longer serve who we are. Stop lowering your standards to fit in because you are not meant to fit in. You aren’t going to appeal to everyone and that’s okay. Don’t shrink and play small to make others feel comfortable. Honor yourself. Why would you want to be someone you are not? Your uniqueness is what makes you special. The truth is that you might just repel them and they will leave your life. But the great news is that this creates new energetic space for better and new people to enter into your life who are a better vibrational match. When these people arrive you will know why it never worked out with the others. The harmony will be completely evident. You will have more in common. There will be more respect.These people will feel good.  Relationships will be easy joyful, comfortable and easy to trust. So, do find people who like you for exactly who you are, who inspire you and who encourage you to keep on growing. Your mantra right now should be “out with the old and in with new”.

Boundaries are how you allow people to speak to you, the things they demand from you physically & emotionally, your energy field and physically space around you. You’ve probably been put into situations the past few weeks where someone has crossed the line and you’ve needed to stand up for yourself; speak your voice where you might not have had the courage to in the past; or create some physical boundaries for yourself. This can be uncomfortable. But this is happening to show you your weak spots so that you can identify what needs improvement. You can start to set up healthy boundaries in your life. Act on the opportunities and get used to speaking out. Boundaries are a form of self care and when boundaries are placed with love, firmness and kindness, it allows your to stand true in your power. This is you loving yourself.

Some people won’t like this new you. People who need to be in control, or have a lack of respect and or no boundaries themselves may put up a fuss. Often times they aren’t even aware of their actions and they are not intentionally trying to upset you, so accept them for who they are and that their behavior is their own issue.  However, if people don’t like when you use the word “no” or when you’ve put up healthy and loving boundaries for yourself, then you shouldn’t be surrounding yourself with them anyway. Say no with conviction.

“Lovingly let go of your people pleasing tendencies, pleasing others in the hope of them loving you in return is not true to you or them; be true to you.  Love yourself unconditionally and you will attract people who love and respect you for the amazing person you are.” Lee Horbachewski

What do you believe about yourself?
When reflecting on the past it is normal for you to notice belief systems that were operating in your brain computer system that you weren’t even aware were there.

There are many lies we believe that others say or we have let ourselves feel and believe. So who or what made you believe you weren’t beautiful?  that your body wasn’t the right shape? that you are a worthless person? a terrible person? not smart enough? not good enough? not loveable? that you don’t deserve happiness? that true love doesn’t exist? that you need to suffer in poverty? that you’re stupid?  that no one cares? that no one likes you? everyone abandons you? that life is mean? that you’re a laughing stock? That you’ll never make ends meet?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. No body is perfect and that’s what makes us all beautifully unique. You are not your past, you are not what you are born into, you are not your body, you are not your baggage.

It’s important to find the root of these belief systems, where they originated and with whom.  Unfortunately, when you were young, you did not have the luxury of making your own beliefs so many of your early beliefs are second hand information which was passed on to you. See how you have been playing these beliefs out into your adulthood and continuing to attract the same circumstances and people that re-affirm those old beliefs to you… this comes out a lot in the form of ”I knew that would happen”. Well, if you believe there are no good men/women left it the world, then your life will continue to reflect that.

Ask yourself, are your beliefs helping and supporting you to achieve your goals, become the best you and create the life that you want? Or are they limiting, outdated and unhelpful. Realize that maybe they served you back then but now it’s time to let them go. Focus on re-inventing yourself and create newer healthier beliefs. This will give you the opportunity to rewrite your story so that you stop playing that old record in the background all the time.

Change your negative beliefs around and use positive questions instead: “What if I succeed? What if I can help others? What if I can be or have anything I ever wanted?”

It’s time to make a change:
If shit is hitting the fan for you, know that this is the universe’s favorite way of pushing us. Life is forcing you to change whether you like it or not. Chances are you’ve probably seen this coming to some degree. The universe probably warned you many times but you didn’t believe in yourself, you didn’t make changes, were too naive or disorganized, did not slow down enough to listen to the signs and signals nor did you follow up with enough action. When we procrastinate or don’t live up to our highest potential because of fear – the universe blows up what I like to call “a giant volcano in your face”. Why? Because we wouldn’t listen otherwise. The reality is that we only start to make things happen for ourselves when the pain of staying the same is greater than the fear of change. It is usually only when were forced that we finally decide to take the plunge and jump off the edge. Without the universe being mean sometimes, we would procrastinate for years before really listening to the guidance and stepping full force into action and start living our highest calling. You will only thrive if you make steps towards real and lasting change. There is going to be a lot to do, so just remember balance.

Your life purpose :
It’s asking you to go where you’ve never been. What would it take for you to not be afraid to go after your best self and best life? Most of us bargain with the universe and say things to ourselves like “I will do it once I have the money. I will do it when my kids are grown up. I will do it once I lose the weight.” NEWS FLASH: The universe does not respond to bargaining because bargaining is a form of control. By putting conditions on something you are telling the universe or god that you do not trust their divine order and that you do not trust yourself. The reality is there is never a right time. The time is now. The irony is that the universe/god won’t reward us for what we’ve been trying to manifest until we surrender and do things their way. It knows the way. You can’t ask for the universe/god/divine/spirit/angels for things you want and then when you don’t like the way it’s being orchestrated you put up a hissy fit and don’t listen to the guidance. Trust that they know what’s best. Trust that everything is in divine order always. If you they brought you to it, they will bring you through it. You are never given more than you can handle. You are in the right place, right time, right circumstances for your growth.

When things are not the way you want them to be. Start to participate in their own unfolding. Cultivate what you want. Know that you deserve it and the universe will serve it! Surrender being “realistic” and practice that the sky’s the limit when trying to go after what you want.

Be free to be who you truly are:
You came here with something to do. You were on a mission before birth but for some reason you got lost in the earthly ways of fear and ego tendencies. Remember your true essence and carry out your mission. Have you been being your authentic self? Is the real you in there somewhere trying to emerge and you are absolutely terrified of it? It’s time to show who you are to others. We all have a gift and an ability. By not honoring it we are not respecting ourselves. We are also doing a disservice to the planet. Think about this for perspective: if people like Oprah, Mother Theresa and Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, (or any of your favorite leaders, artists or inventors) woke up every morning thinking to themselves “I am afraid what people think, I don’t know if I can do it, who am I to _____, I don’t know if I am worthy” then they would not be successful nor in the public eye and WE would not be blessed by their offerings. They would be doing a complete freaking disservice to the world by not shining their light and being exactly who they are. So the lesson here is be who you are regardless of what others may think. Help who you are meant to help and nevermind the opinion of the rest. They are not you and they do not need to understand. It is your life, not theirs. Follow your bliss.

Reveal yourself to you and to others. Ask “how can I be of assistance to as many people as I can”. Once you start to move in the direction you think will make you happy, you will become much more in alignment and it is there that you will find your inner peace. BE BRAVE. Release all of those thoughts about being unworthy.

Get in touch with your higher self.
You are the only one who knows the answers and solutions to the problems you are facing.  You have all of the tools that you need to get through this within yourself. You just need to believe in yourself and trust yourself. The trouble is, we are so disconnected because of the daily grind. SO, they key is… to slow down and go within. Connect with your crown chakra. Your higher self. Connect with god, Buddha or your angels or ancestors, whatever it is you believe in and feels good in your heart. The stronger this connection gets and the more you encounter this presence, the more you will learn that you don’t need the answers right away and the connection and presence is always there available to you and is all that you’ll ever need. You just need to tap in.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and breathe;
  2. Meditate;
  3. Put on a guided healing meditation;
  4. Put on some healing music or mantras;
  5. Call in your angels, guides, ancestors, god – or whoever it is you believe in and say “thank you for this healing”. You will find the peace wash over you. Sit in it as long as you can;
  6. Recite or listen to affirmations – (internet and youtube has lots);
  7. Start writing;
  8. Do some self reiki if you are practitioner;
  9. Get reiki or acupuncture;
  10. Get your ass to yoga.

You may have noticed that you are sleeping more often and having a hard time waking up. This is normal. Your brain is on overdrive trying to process what you want for your future and your soul is busy making plans and re-mapping. So take the time to make this process quicker and easier by getting into bed and do nothing. Pull the covers over your head. If this means calling in sick, then do that. Find several hours for yourself (or days if you can) to do absolutely nothing. Nourish yourself.  Once you start to illuminate your true path and everything becomes more clear, you will find that don’t need as much sleep and you’ll notice the opposite where now you actually have a lot more energy to accomplish your goals and a you have a brighter outlook on life.



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