If the last couple months and especially last couple of weeks have been tough for you and your sign, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

This one has been about focusing on your internal work so that you can start to reflect something newer and better on the external.

Maybe now you realize that you can control the way you respond to everything that is happening around you, always and knowing that’s where your hidden power lies.

You probably learned some tough lessons but notice how it has affected your life for the better. You likely have learned what is important and what is not. Maybe now you have more of an appreciation for your home, your loved ones, your career. Maybe you are more organized. Maybe you’ve learned drama can only survive if you feed into it. Maybe you’ve learned the magical word “NO”. Maybe you got a better handle on where your finances are going. Maybe your marriage has been strengthened because of it. Maybe your faith has been strengthened because of it. Maybe you let go of some bad belief systems that were no longer serving you.

It’s time to leave the past behind you and end the cycle of pain and suffering. Leave your old ways behind you because they aren’t working anymore don’t you see? They don’t give you the good life you deserve. Sometimes the only way for us to know that we’re ready to move forward in life is to realize that we’re not the same person we once were.

Integrate it into this new “level” of yourself where you can now make better choices and stay more positive. Off you go, on to the next chapter and the next half of the year.

Good job everyone, you survived, just like you always do 🙂 <3


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