Corona nonsense – Lockdown part 2

Oh cool. This makes so much sense. ? We can’t run our businesses that most of us poured our blood, sweat and tears into. We’re going into thousands of dollars into debt by the week. Far too many have lost their businesses already.

People are sick. People’s surgeries are cancelled. Healthcare workers are burnt the heck out. Jobs are lost. People are losing their homes. Bankruptcy, homelessness, divorce, depression, and suicide is at an all time high. People are not eating. We can’t see our families. Can’t visit your dying loved ones or have your wedding or attend a funeral or visit your new born niece/nephew or terminally-ill family in the hospital. We can’t keep up our positive mental health or wellness practices because can’t go to the gym or yoga/meditation or let your kid play their sports. Kids are beyond confused and traumatized. Parents are holding on a by a thread. You can’t go for a massage after you’ve been in a car accident BUT everyone’s allowed to go shopping at WEM in a sess pool of strangers instead and touch a billion things and rub up against each other ??

It’s solved now, but last week made no sense when you could still go to a bar or a casino and destroy your physical and mental health. Glad we finally realized how ridiculous that was and how unfair to the wellness industry and the population in general. Why are we prioritizing unnecessary and damaging activities and banning healthy ones when our people need these tools now more than EVER. Why does the darkness continue to be promoted?

Sorry but who the F is in charge around here? Nothing makes sense. Let’s get our priorities straight. Why are we sacrificing for no reason? What is everything so contradicting?

If we are trying to “limit” the spread of a virus I ask how on earth is THIS helping? Why is nothing logical? Why are unnecessary businesses open? And why are wellness practices closed? We’re all just sitting around closed for no reason because I can guarantee the cases after Christmas will be astronomical and we will get put into a full on lockdown anyway.

We already lost the world as we knew it, every sense of normalcy and our life savings. Christmas is cancelled so tell me why the heck do we need to shop for gifts? The best gift of all instead of presents would be to get this **** over with, we should have just done a strict lockdown properly in the first place 7 months AGO then we could have all moved on with our lives and rebuilt a better world together.

The only other gift that we need instead of presents and consumerism IS TO BE KIND TO EACHOTHER because that seems to have gone completely out the window because now we are just all at war. Disturbingly, with EACH OTHER. It makes me sick. The hatred, self-righteousness, and meanness is appalling. We are all struggling in some way and reality check: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER YALL. Look up Compassion in the dictionary. The only way we will beat this darkness is to stick together, to love one another, to practice empathy, to live from our hearts and stand TOGETHER.

While you are at it, look up fairness in the dictionary too. Because that doesn’t exist apparently.

Health care professionals and businesses everywhere, parents, workers, those waiting for surgeries all over are “sacrificing” meanwhile everyone is bored from lock down and no work and so they are hanging out at the shopping malls buying gifts instead.

You can’t see me but I am going to go bang my head against the wall while the rich get richer and mental health and livelihoods of our people continue to be destroyed.

Our rights and lives have been taken away apparently for no reason and we all roll over just to turn around and get a slap in the freaking face.

Walmart, Amazon, Costco wins



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