RESIST the urge to fall back into old patterns and habitual responses. Break old cycles. Understand that WE INHERIT OUR PARENTS AND ANCESTORS KARMA. You can give yourself the opportunity to break out of karmic loops when you respond and react differently than you or your ancestors would have in the past. You will be triggered by events that remind you of situations in your past. Pay attention to the recurring emotional themes from childhood that are present right now. Choose DIFFERENT THIS TIME. Change the story. Rewire the pattern. This is self-love in its highest form. It’s your soul’s way of rescuing YOURSELF. Re-parent yourself. These new choices will recover you and everyone else involved in those timelines so that everyone can dissolve these karmic knots and move forward in harmony and begin a new cycle … or have the courage let go and move on. In doing so, you’ve subconsciously decided to trade an old lense for a new more harmonious one. Your ancestors are jumping for joy as you listen and honor this work. Ask them for any signs/guidance you may need.

If you pay attention, you can connect the dots through experiences from the past year (and your entire lifetime) and see that you have been being guided to work on closing out major cycles from the past RECENTLY and your being guided to collapse old timelines that no longer serve where you are going and who you are becoming. You have a choice to hold on and suffer or let go and thrive. Be brave. Those refusing change are internally struggling. There is so much letting go happening right now… old identities, traits, stories, beliefs, traumas, fears, people, and places – letting go of the old will usher in the new. Things that you gripped so tightly onto, you are now ready to let go of and you are doing so with compassion + forgiveness + love for yourself and others. Intuitive guidance and blessings reach an all time high as you move out of the darkness/illusion and into the light/clarity.

You are beginning to understand that everything is always happening for you, not to you and that painful experiences and detours are blessings and redirections in disguise. Breakdowns are opportunities for growth. Suffering only happens when you resist the natural flow of life and the divinely orchestrated series of events. Things you thought were going wrong were in fact always going right. “Gods rejection is Gods protection” and life is always steering you towards your highest good. Trust that whatever is meant for you will always find you without a shadow of a doubt. What is meant for you will always stick around or will return in better timing. You don’t have to force, beg or control anything. What you chase out of place of lack, you will always repel.

Self-accountability is being highlighted – the only person who has ever hurt, rejected, or betrayed you, is you. Everyone is your mirror, showing you what needs healing inside you. Everything that happens to you in every moment is your teacher if you’d just listen.

Recognize that you are only a victim if you believe you are. You are responsible for everything in your reality. The only person who can give you happiness, peace, love, joy and purpose is yourself. The only one sabotaging you is the one looking back in the mirror.

Spring is in the air and there are no planets in retrograde. Some pressure has been taken off and you are trusting things are going to work out. You can feel the new seeds being planted. A new beginning is coming. Its a great time to clean the closet out and smudge the house and yourself. Check things off your to do list that stress you out and keep you from moving forward.

Your solar plexus is being upgraded. Yellow foods, crystals, clothing and citrus essential oils will be helpful. You may experience physical symptoms in this area like indigestion or heartburn. If you are finding balance in your solar plexus –  you will feel empowered, confident, secure, logical, motivated, determined, decisive, collaborative, compassionate, mature. If you are unbalanced in your Solar Plexus you will feel – entitled, righteous, competitive, not willing to be accountable, blameful, resentful, aggressive, immature, manipulative, egotistical, angry, aggressive, low self esteem, lack of energy + drive, poor digestion.

It’s time to be creative, motivated, powerful and purposeful. Stand in your power. Decide that you will never settle and you will never betray your heart again by not going after the life you truly want and need. Use your time wisely and spend it on those who inspire, support and lift you up. Figure out who the best version of yourself is and what it is that you want for your life. Stop making excuses or blaming external variables. Go after what you want and don’t stop until you get it. Life is only what you believe it to be.

Stop being your own bully or abuser. Be your own cheerleader. Be your own inner mother/father/partner. No more self-sacrificial energy. Time for boundaries once and for all. Only victims sacrifice themselves. Save your inner lamb. Putting yourself first is the ultimate goal. Stop enabling or rescuing others and allow them to stand in their power and gain the necessary tools they need in order to do better for themselves next time. Stop wasting your time on relationships that are not equal in vibration or supportive of your growth. Do so lovingly. Stop explaining yourself to people that are committed to misunderstanding you. Some people are not meant to be forever. See people for who they are. Accept them as they are instead of trying to change them into who you want them to be. Start finding people who are already ready to be in your life in the way you require them to be. Part of this might be making space for people who are more in vibrational alignment with your new path. People who understand you at your core. Those who truly see and hear you.  Those you can be authentic around and let your barrier down. Those who believe in you and cherish you. Prioritize those who leave you feeling better than they found you. Prioritize relationships who give AND take. Get rid of users who just take. Selfishness is a waste of your time. Notice toxic traits from the beginning. Relationships really should be about seeing things from both perspectives, rather than the need to be right or make someone wrong. We all see things differently. Be willing to see/hear into other perceptions and be willing to communicate your perception. A healthy relationship requires open, caring, honest, equal, loving, compassionate two-way communication. Without this there is no future relationship.

Please comment below about what resonates with you. I’d love to hear what you are working on.

XO Melanie

When you can no longer avoid your triggers you are faced to seek inner healing

Has everything and everyone has been triggering you lately? Can’t seem to escape it?  Well that’s because you can’t continue to ignore your triggers. You can’t run anymore. They are are in there deeply seated in the unconscious just waiting for you to tend to them so that they don’t manifest into something much worse. There are unhealed emotions inside of you from childhood that are begging for you to resolve them.

So let’s take a look at this. Think of who or what has been triggering you lately. It is normal to play the “he/she made me feel this way” card and the “they shouldn’t have done that” game, but that only creates more pain. So why are you feeding pain with more pain? Sounds counter productive doesn’t it? Instead of shifting the blame onto that person or situation. Why don’t we look within instead? What does this remind me of from childhood? where have I seen this before? And that right there, is the beginning of the path to finding the root issue that needs healing. You have to recover every age of your inner-child and re-integrate them with your adult self.

The only reason we are being triggered is because there is something in us that wants to heal. What is causing us this pain or discomfort by this person is simply an opportunity for us to heal. THEY ARE JUST THE CATALYST. If we can shift our awareness from “they made me feel this way” instead to “why did I allow this persons behavior to disrupt my own inner peace?” “where does it come from in my past that is triggering me and what can I do to work on in myself?” “Why am I blaming them when I am truly responsible for my own thoughts and behaviors that make me feel this way?”, “How can I be a better person?” “How can I be a happier person consistently and not just when things are going my way?” “How can I retain my inner peace even when storms surround me?” “how can I remain unaffected by another’s words or actions?”.

Instead of condemning these people who “hurt” us, what if we send them love for subconsciously helping us as our teacher. Thank them for being a catalyst to our inner path of healing. They are not deliberately hurting us. People do not wake up every day looking to hurt others. That is our perception and may be a belief system. So if we shift our perception and send them love instead of condemning them, the hurt will go away because you no longer identify yourself as a victim. These scenarios will stop attracting into our lives once we heal the root of the problem. Warning thought it will come up in layers like an onion to heal. It doesn’t happen over night.

We have all hurt someone in our lives without even knowing it, simply by a word or an action and we don’t notice because it is not something that would have hurt us… but it hurts them because of their past experiences and beliefs. Most of the things that are happening are really happening around us in the background, to them, not to us. But we choose to believe they are happening to us. So we have a choice to let it go or hold on to it. Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. We don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if we do. Most people’s reactions to obstacles are resistance, which leads to annoyance, frustration, despair, futility, or anger. Dig yourself out of that hole one shovel at a time, find your light again and let it shine like the marvelous you that you are!

We are all humans, all on the path to enlightenment, living and learning lessons along the way. We are all lost somewhere or another. None of us came with a manual. We all need to look at each other as brothers and sisters and have compassion for one another. Underneath our skin and ego we all have a heart, a higher self, and we all have blood running through our veins. We all need love patience and understanding as we figure out this thing called life and as we figure out how to be a better person each step of the way. Every single one of us has some form of a mountain to climb. We all face adversities, none worse than others, just different. What if we stop making it about “me” and treat others the way we would want to be treated back. Become first what you want others to be. If they are not loving you the way you would like, so what? Love them back even harder. Fight the anger with non-anger. They probably are struggling with their own self-love. If you are not treated the way you would like to be treated, get honest with yourself and ask yourself how have I been treating others or even more importantly, how have I been treating myself? Have I been showing myself love and kindness and compassion or have I been to hard and unforgiving on myself? People can only meet you to the extent you have met yourself. So if you are not kind to yourself. if you don’t respect yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t hear and see how lovely you are, THEN OTHERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EITHER. All of your experiences in your external reality and are a direct reflection of what thoughts, beliefs, patterns and wounds you hold on the inside. Your external reality continues to reflect and confirm that data inside of your human computer.

Some people experience a lot of hurt at the beginning or their lives and some experience it here or there. We can’t discount what other people are going through because we will never understand the path that they are living because we are not on it. Each has his own journey. We are all acting and responding according to how we think we should be according to our circumstances and our beliefs and lenses we are looking out of. At the end of the day, there’s really no right or wrong. It’s just perception. We should always be doing WHAT IS BEST FOR US. If we don’t make ourselves a priority and forget to give ourselves the love we need, we will not have it in us to give to anyone else. At the end of the day we all just want the same things. We want to experience joy and peace. We want to love and be loved without walls. We all want to give and receive. We are all seeking our purpose in life. We all want to be happy. So why can’t we love one another and extend compassion, understanding and kindness? Why can’t we support and build each other up rather than condemn and compete and judge? We are all the same at the end of the day. We are one. We come from one consciousness, so we are just in fact hurting ourselves.

If someone is going through something we don’t understand, or someone is behaving in a way that we don’t like, we could instead try to understand why. Put our self in their shoes, in their situation. We do not know why they do the things they do because we have not lived the life they did. This is why we are all unique individuals. We all had a different life, different parents, different belief systems, different traumas, different things bring us joy, different things trigger our pain; some things trigger one person whereas another person might not even blink an eye to the same scenario. YOU are responsible for how you are feeling inside, no one else. That’s a really tough thing to come to terms with and we naturally want to resist it because its uncomfortable. If you are giving people your power, that’s on you, not them. Now were aware, but how do we shift it? Contain your energy, don’t give it away. When negative situations come up where you are feeling hurt, come back inside yourself. Breathe. Meditate. Go to yoga. Ask yourself why is this happening? What did this trigger inside of me from my past and how can I heal it? Then, you send that person love instead…and say thank you, because we are all just humans having a human existence, doing the best we can with what we know and the skills we have been given that have been passed down by past generations. Heal these things in yourself, love yourself, have compassion for yourself, and you will heal all the generations before you and everyone around you. This work is not small. It is significant and helps to raise the vibration of the planet each time you heal a part of you. Keep going.