Reiki Practitioner Trainings & Certifications

Dates: Saturday, July 6, 2019 from 11am – 6pm
Sunday, July 7, 2019 from 11am – 6pm
Investment: $400 + gst (includes manual and certificate)
Location: Buddha Belly Yoga and Wellness (6139 101 Ave NW, Edmonton)
Activate the healer within and learn to administer healing for yourself and others using the power of reiki. In the course of a weekend you get certified as a 1st & 2nd Degree Practitioner of the Usui Reiki Healing System. The class combines lecture, discussion, demonstration, attunements, meditations and experiential practice in a well organized, but relaxed program. It is a weekend that is sure to imprint on your soul in such wonderful ways. You will leave feeling empowered with the tools and knowledge to begin your practicing on yourself and others.

How can becoming a reiki healer benefit me:
· It is an effective method for relieving stress and anxiety
· With these methods you can help yourself & loved ones through difficulties
· you can help yourself & loved ones with improving overall health
· It promotes healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
· With your certification you can begin a healing business of your own
· It aids in reduction and prevention of pain and illness
· It will deepen your spiritual growth & awaken your spiritual gifts
· Raises the vibrational frequency of your being
· Recharges your energy battery
· Removes energy blockages
· Clears mental and emotional blocks which may be holding you back in life
· Helps to gain clarity, focus and purpose
· Accelerates healing on all levels, mind & body & spirit

Great tool for any regular joe, holistic health practitioner or also helpful for professionals such as teachers, massage therapists, physicians and nurses who want to add to their repertoire of modalities

In this training you will learn:
• Life Force Energy / Universal Energy
• What exactly Reiki Energy is
• Learn & practice intuitive techniques of sensing and working with energy
• History of Reiki & Lineage
• Self-Treatment overview & practice
• Treating others & clients overview & practice
• Will receive attunements to perform First & Second Degree Reiki
• Will receive the necessary reiki symbols, learn their meanings and how to apply them in your practice
• Complete hand placement system
• The 3 pillars of reiki and the 5 reiki principles
• Learn about the Chakras & Their Role in Our Energy System
• The healing benefits of reiki for adults, children, animals & plants
• Techniques to increase your vibration
• Techniques for cleansing, protection, grounding and shielding
• Space clearing with Reiki
• Byosen scanning, beaming, chakra balancing, removing toxic residue
• Meditation Exercises
• Techniques for Connecting with guides, healers, ascended masters & the angelic realm
• The importance of self-love & self-care
• Ethics of the Practice
• Learn and perform sending Reiki Distant & remote Healing
• Healing the Past and Future with Reiki
• Blessing/charging rooms, food and objects
• How to integrate Reiki into your daily life

About me: I am Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive, Empath, Entrepreneur

I teach a variety of Metaphysical topics & yoga.
I’ve always been interested in holistic living and spirituality so it was no surprise when reiki showed up in my life and produced some amazing results. I became hooked on reiki once I realized how much it improved all areas of my life: physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally. It also helped me relax, ground, and to slow my ever-going mind.

Through my own personal story of healing, I felt called to develop my own holistic healing abilities and I have been a practitioner ever since 2010. Throughout this time and through many trials and tribulations over the last few years of awakening, I discovered a new passion for using my experiences to benefit others and I felt called to serve others in their own unique path to wholeness.

Looking forward to connecting with you
XO Melanie

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